What is an Online Keno?

An online Keno Casino happens to be one of the oldest casino games in the Industry. Visit this web URL at https://www.1-onlinecasinocanada.net , to know more about this very interesting online casino called online Keno.

History of Online Keno.

Keno online Casino has a history that is dated back to over 400 years, traceable to China and was a very popular game among the people of the far Asia and Eastern Countries.

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After making so much exploit in far Eastern and Asia Countries, Keno Online Casino was introduced to the other part of the world. The online game was generally accepted by players from the US.

What online Keno entails.

For someone who likes to play simple Casino Games and not interested in visiting a Casino in person. It will be a very good choice for such people to play the online Keno Games.

Playing an online Keno is like playing a lottery, though, a bit easier. It is a hit or miss game where the player will only need to hit the targeted number or miss it.

How to play online Keno.

Keno Casino is made up of 80 balls, numbering from number 1 to 80, playing cards and the Keno Board. Out of these 80 balls, 20 balls will be drawn for each Keno game.

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The board, which holds the slots for number 1 to 80, shows which 20 numbers were chosen out of the 80. In classic Keno, the player will mark or spot 20 numbers on the Keno card.

Different between Traditional and Online Keno.

The traditional Keno has just a slight difference from the online Keno, it requires that the player of the game has to visit a traditional Casino and physically pick their numbers to be able to play.

On the other hand, the online Keno will only require the player just do some clicks. The ticket is displayed on the screen already and the player will only need to choose how much he wishes to bet.

Free online Keno.

Just like the every other online Casino games, the free mode of Keno may have some limitations. That is there may be some features of the game that may not be available to be used freely.

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All you have to do to play online Keno game for free is to first visit the site, after then load the games by clicking play now. You can choose your numbers from the digital card that appears.